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RE: Tao Te Ching; Chp. 80

> ja' DloraH:
> >'uSgheb ... Leghorn, a cartoon rooster.
> bIjIvqu''a'?

qatlh chotIch?
"Foghorn Leghorn"
leghorn 'oH Ha'DIbaHvetlh'e'

> The cartoon character is named "Foghorn Leghorn".  "Leghorn"
> is just a kind of Italian chicken (or something very much like a chicken)
> with a reputation for laying lots of eggs.  (It's also a kind of wheat,
> which is probably what the birds were customarily fed, explaining the
> shared name.)

Duh! that cartoon rooster is still a leghorn, and he's a rooster, known
enough to be a pun, and fits the description.

bIjIvqu' SoH jay'


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