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law'/puS variation (was RE: KLBC: Worst-Case Scenarios)

>> >That brings up a question I've been meaning to ask.  How
>> >much can the "more than/less than" idiom be adapted?

The comparitive formula always remains the same:  A Q law' B Q puS

A and B are nouns, Q is a verb of quality, and {law'/puS} are a pair of
verbs of quality having opposing meanings, with the first having a more
"positive" connotation than the second.

ja' DloraH:
>KGT p178-180  describes variations of  law'/puS

Those variations all involve substituting other pairs of words for the
{law'} and {puS}.  The structure of the comparison remains constant; it's
apparently that very constancy which permits the "opposites" words to be
replaced without losing the idiom.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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