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Re: Third sentence from Qov's sentences

>Gina, sooner than you think, you'll be doing all this in your head.  It 
>takes a while for this to sink in.  You're making exceptional progress.

 > muQuchmoHqu' taghwI'qoqvam valqu'

I would have said muQuchqu'moH, because it is the happy I wished 
intensified, not the making.

And I second Quvar's comments.  I have seen people come to the language, 
read the book and understand it because of experience they have had with 
other languages, but I have been in the KLI since 1996 and have NEVER seen 
anyone who started from understanding nothing, like you were, to the level 
that you are at now, in anywhere near so short a time.  And you're still 
learning at an amazing pace.  Inspirational.

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