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Re: Phonetic Translation

From: "Larry D. French Sr." <>
> With the help of my CO and DloraH, I got this verse
> translated and attempted to phonetically spell it
> out. My CO won't take No for an answer.

Oh good grief.  Klingon as we write it ***IS*** a phonetic spelling!  Just
tell him it *IS* spelled phonetically, then teach him what the letters stand

> 'Iw qa' qul qa' je DIrI', batlh maQojmeH nuDevjaj.
> EW Ka kool ka je di-ri bat ma-koj-meh nu-dev-jaj

How is "-meh" going to get him to pronounce /-meH/ correctly?  Trust me,
spell out the Klingon correctly, and it IS phonetic.

And tell him /yIDoghQo'/ for me! :)

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