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RE: QeD De'wI' ngermey

> > May I say "vertical group" (stack?) to describe interconnected data?
> ...<<'el-lel>> (go-in/take-out) ... <<roQ-woH>> (put-down/pick-up).
> The idea is not to simply translate the terran picture, but to
> describe what it does. As an "automobile" should not be translated
> into <<vIH'eghwI'>> (that moves itself), but into something like
> <<ghor Duj>> (surface vessel).

As already stated, most of the terminology used in programming are idiomatic
expressions.  Because of this we have no way of knowing the thought
processes of the first klingons to coin such phrases.  Even here on earth,
if different humans were involved with the groups that first coined such
phrases, we could have stuff that is completely different.  Instead of
"push", maybe they "jump".

We can go along with almost any words/phrases, as long as we remember that
they are OUR words/phrases.


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