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Re: QeD De'wI' ngermey


I am still only a beginner in Klingon language, so please correct me... 

> May I say "vertical group" (stack?) to describe interconnected data?

A "vertical group" does not describe a first-in-first-out data store.
A "group" does not include the strict access method from above only.
Following the *FIFO* first-in/first-out picture, you could spell it as
<<'el-lel>> (go-in/take-out) though this could be mistaken as brand
for a take-away restaurant. Alternate possibility would be to describe
it as <<roQ-woH>> (put-down/pick-up).

The idea is not to simply translate the terran picture, but to
describe what it does. As an "automobile" should not be translated
into <<vIH'eghwI'>> (that moves itself), but into something like
<<ghor Duj>> (surface vessel). 

> May I use <<mIw>> or <<nab>> (procedures, functions?) while discussing
> software?

<<nab>> feels to me fitting algorithm design better than actual
programming - describing more an _intention_ than an actual
implementation. <<mIw> seems okay for describing a fixed set of
operations (i.e. a program or procedure).



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