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Re: KLBC the effects of -Ha'

> I am not sure about all these words, so I'm looking forward to comments
> from people who like giving comments ;-)

With THAT invitation I'm not sure if I should reply.  :P

> Here are some other canon examples for the Rover {-Ha'}:
> {bachHa'} "mis-shoot", slang for "err, make a mistake"
> {belHa'}"be displeased"
> used in math: 
> {boq} for addition, {boqHa'} for subtraction
> {buSHa'}"ignore"
> {Do'Ha'} "be unfortunate"
> {ghomHa'} "scatter, disperse"
> {jejHa'}"be dull, blunt (blades)"
> {jotHa'}"be uneasy"
> {lay'Ha'} "break one's word"
> {lItHa'}"get off (of (command to pet)."
> {lobHa'} disobey
> And many more, I have no time now to find them all. I hope that least
> these can explain alttle.

Here is what I pulled out of my rhyming dictionary:

unfortunate, be unfortunate v              Do'Ha'
unfortunately adv                          Do'Ha'
be permanent (v)                           ru'Ha'
break one's word (v)                      lay'Ha'
together  adv                            nItebHa'
disobey v                                  lobHa'
give back, return (v)                      nobHa'
irresponsible/undisciplined person    Duj ngaDHa'
discommend, disapprove v                   naDHa'
honest v                                   yuDHa'
encourage v                               tungHa'
err, make a mistake (v) slang             bachHa'
unhappy v                                 QuchHa'
prison, jail n                            bIghHa'
be bland referring to food (v)         tlhorghHa'
dishonorably adv                         batlhHa'
be disloyal (v)                          matlhHa'
misinterpret v                             yajHa'
dull, not sharp v                          jejHa'
seldom, infrequently adv                   pIjHa'
displeased v                               belHa'
discard (v)                                polHa'
disregard v                                qImHa'
disperse, scatter v                       ghomHa'
unlikely  adv                          ghaytanHa'
careless v                                 yepHa'
distrust v                                 voqHa'
like v                                     parHa'
ignore v                                   buSHa'
gunner n                                   matHa'
get off (of) (v)                           lItHa'
uneasy v                                   jotHa'
be dishonored (v)                          quvHa'
loose v                                    QeyHa'


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