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KLBC the effects of -Ha'

Since I've been distracted from my learning effort for a while, I am reviewing KPC lessons 1-4 before proceeding with lesson 5, and I remebered what a problem I had with determing what the addition of the suffix -Ha' does to a given verb. The way I understand it -Ha' changes the verb to its opposite. I often have trouble coming up with an opposite for many verbs and no antonym dictionary was helpful.

Here is a list of a few of the more troublesome verbs from KPC lessons please tell me if I'm on the right track.

jatlh=speak           jatlhHa'=misspeak?
Such=visit            SuchHa'=shun/avoid contact?
yIn=live                 yInHa'= is this another way to say 'die' or would 'unliving' be better. Could ths be used to express the state of being of a vampire for example.
nep=lie                  nepHa'= another expression for 'be true' or 'to tell the truth"
ghoj=learn            ghojHa'=forget?
ghaj=have            ghajHa'=lose?
legh=see              leghHa'=??????
ghItlh=write          ghItlhHa'=erase? or deface?

Sebastian DuMars
qelgetlh veS joHneS'a'
Admiral Klingons Lending Assitance and Support

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