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Re: Last sentence from Qov's sentences

ja' "Gina Robertson" <>:

>> > > She demonstrates that if you work hard you can frighten Qov.
>> >
>> >I'm not all that sure how this one should be reworded.  Here is what i
>> >decided on
>> >
>> >She demonstrates that Qov can be frightened by you if you work hard.
>> Well lets see the Klingon. :)
>'agh Qov ghIjlaH Duvum let
>(cant find fright(en(d)) so i'm using scare and i dont think thats the right
>This one has me slightly confused.

It might be time for you to try to work past the rearrangement crutch that
janSIy offered you.  It has served you well so far, but it looks like it's
now getting in the way when you try to use complex sentences.  You've
probably done enough simple sentences to have a reasonably good feel for
the proper word order in Klingon, without having to go through the
intermediate step of composing a grammatically correct "backwards" sentence
in English.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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