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Re: KLBC: Some Sentences of Varying Difficulty

From: "Lee Herndon" <>
> This was a bit tough to translate...lots of syntactic markers and the
> infamous verb *pong*.  Let's see if I've got it right.

majQa'!  mu'tlheghmeywIj Damuchchu'ta'!

> >Duj ngu'lu'chu'pa' 'oHvaD chunDabHey ponglu'.
> It was called an apparent meteor before it was definitely identified as a
> ship.
> >Duj ngu'lu'chu'pu'DI' 'oHvaD chunDabqoq ponglu'.
> As soon as it had been definitely identified as a ship it was called a
> so-called meteor.
> >'ej yavaD taHqeq pong Hoch!
> And everyone calls your tactical officer a nasty name!
> (lughbej 'e'.  jIHagh.)

Careful!  /'e'/ can never be the subject of a sentence, only the object.

> (If *taHqeq* is more specific than that, I don't have the information.)

mu'vam wImughlaHbe'.  Doch 'oSbogh <taHqeq> wIngu'laHbe'.

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