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RE: KLBC-First part of translation from Qov's sentences

If I may...

From: "Qov" <>
> > > > Klingon was not able to be spoken by Gina at all when she was 
> > > > first met by me.
> > > > 
> > >thlIngan Hol jatlhlaHbejbe' Gina vIqIHDI'
> >
> > Have another read of TKD 4.3.
> >
> >jatlhlaHbejbe' means "it was not certain that she could speak
> >or "she couldn't really speak Klingon."  That's a different meaning 
> >than "she couldn't speak Klingon at all."

From: Gina Robertson [] 
>But I can't find anything that means at all.  I'm probably missing
>something simple here, I dont know.

Gina, your selection of <-bej> seems fine for "at all".  Qov is now
directing you to a section about rovers, so check your rovers and their


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