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Re: KLBC: noH Qujmey

> DISvam *paintball* vIQuj 'a' vItagh vIneH,...

I believe you intended 'e' instead of 'a'.

> [i was going to say "I want to try to begin learning to play
> (paintball), but can you use that many <'e'>'s?)

Yes, but be careful; too many sentences chained with 'e' could get confusing, 
especially if spoken; the listener can't as easily go back and 're-read'.
One way to help shorten the string, instead of /...vIghoj 'e' vItagh.../ is to 
use the suffix -choH.  /...vIghojchoH.../

paintball Daghoj DaneHchugh, paintball yIQuj.
QaH ghojmoHwI', 'ach 'utbe' ghojmoHwI'.
yIQuj neH.

nuqDaq DaDab?

DloraH, BG

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