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Re: KLBC: noH Qujmey

From: "Perry Brulotte" <>

> I like /QujwI'ghom/.  Now I'll have to add that to my database as well so
> remember it next time.

/QujwI'ghom/ isn't a dictionary word.  Just because someone invented it once
doesn't make it known by all.  Don't put it in your database if you expect
others to be able to decipher what you mean when you use it later!

/QujwI'ghom/ means "playergroup" or "gamergroup," and nothing more specific.
The context it was invented in won't necessarily be apparent the next time
you try to use it, and it's the context that gave it a more specific

In fact, unless you have a particularly exceptional case, I'd expect to see
the phrase /QujwI' ghom/ (two words) instead of a made-up noun.

Stardate 2411.7

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