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KLBC: noH Qujmey

Hoch Hogh noH Qujmey vIQuj.  noH Qujmey vIparHa'.
--Every week I play war games [paintball -- i couldn't come up with anything
that fit better... a word for 'paint' so i could come up with paint war
games??].  I like war games [paintball].

tlhIngan Hol jatlh nuvpu' 'ej noH Quj SuvwI'pu' vInej.
--[I know this one is bad...]  I seek people who speak klingon and are war
game warriors.

tlhIngan noH Quj tuq vIchenmoH vIneH 'ach SuvwI'pu' vItu'nIS.
--I would like to create a Klingon Paintball team but I need warriors.  [I
know this is also weak... suggestions?]

[I know some of these are pretty weak.  I am an avid recreational paintball
player and have always wanted to mix my sport and Klingon... imagine being
able to call out my commands and positions to my team mates in /tlhIngan
Hol/!  It would be a great 'code' and would add an interesting element to
many of the games I participate in.]

mu'meywIj yIHIv!



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