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Re: Help with a short beginner's class in Klingon?

In a message dated 5/28/2002 3:49:56 PM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

> I wouldn't mind taking a look at that textbook.
> To teach the students to play some sort of game, sounds possible. I would
> very much like them to use Klingon in one way or the other outside after
> class, since that would mean that other people at the con would hear it
> and maybe become curious...

I'll upload copies of the first several lessons of both textbooks.  The one I 
will use at Colorado Free University and usually hand out to Trekkies at 
conferences (your basic non-linguist types), contains only six tlhIngan Hol 
words and only one grammar concept per lesson.  Obviously, this method would 
take a lot of lessons to learn tlhIngan Hol perfectly jay'!  But, then, I 
wouldn't claim to have learned the greatest language in the universe 
perfectly myself.

The other textbook is more like you will find on the shelves in Barnes & 
Noble on any common foreign language.  It has 6 sections per lesson and about 
15-20 words and 1-2 grammar concepts per lesson.  The six sections are:  1) A 
dialogue in tlhIngan Hol which tells a long story in short episodes, one per 
lesson; 2) Grammar notes in Federation Standard; 3) Vocabulary list; 4) Drill 
in correct tlhIngan Hol, usually substitution drill paradigms; 5) Translation 
into tlhIngan Hol from Federation Standard, no tricks, only what the lesson 
covered; 6) Role play.  Each succeeding lesson uses all previous lessons so 
that you build on the knowledge you already have as you learn the new lesson. 
 The story line is about Dov, a young Klingon male with good training from 
his family, who enters an academy, gets a roommate, meets other students, and 
learns tlhIngan wo' tIgh, including ghob.  I won't tell you what all happens; 
but, he discovers that not all cadets are completely honorable and teaches 
some lessons himself to the others.  There is even a romance with more than 
one co-ed, since at least three of the beauties need some training in honor, 


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