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Am 28.05.2002 15:18:43, schrieb

>ghaytan Qapbejbogh Quv neH neH. meqvammo' not QInmeyvam DajangnIS.
>Likely, they only want to collect Email addresses that they know are live so 
>they can spam you for the rest of your life. This is why you should never reply 
>to these messages.

rut jatlh <tetlhmajDaq bIDach DaneHchugh vaj naDev yI'uy>. vaj Qap QuvlIj 'e' Sov.
not yIjang! mIwDaj DaHoH DaneHchugh vaj yIbuSHa'.

Your right with that!
On the bottom of those mails, they often say "klick here to remove", or "reply with remove in the 
subject line". Don't do tihs, they will know that you are still using your address, or even get an 
address which they didn't know of yet.
Never reply. The best way to fight against spam is to ignore it.
(well, of course it's even better to tell some anti-spam organization, or block the sender's address)


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