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RE: ngupmey Ha'qujmey je

> Help with what you said.
> { 'IHqu' nguplIj 'e' vIpIH. Doj. }
> I expect that your cape be beautiful. Be impressive. 

I expect that your cape is beautiful. It is impressive.

Remember that (except for sometimes verbs with {-meH} or {-wI'} or {-ghach)) 
Klingon verbs are never infinitive. There is always a subject. Don't forget 
the "null" prefix. {Doj} means one of the following:

It is impressive.
She is impressive.
He is impressive.
They are impressive.

In this case, context suggests that likely, I'm talking about the cape. Since I 
was talking to SuStel, I'd have had to say {bIDoj} if I was saying "You are 
impressive," so it would not make sense to choose he/she/they as the subject 

Each of these translations can also be shifted to past or future tense, 
depending on the time context in which the sentence appears:

It was beautiful.
It will be beautiful.

Since SuStel was talking about his cape in the past with a brief reference to 
the present, you could interpret this to be either "I expect that your cape was 
beautiful. It was impressive," or "I expect that your cape is beautiful. It is 

It doesn't really matter which way you interpret it. There's no indication that 
the cape has changed in either its beauty or impressiveness, so both statements 
would apply.


> Or
> I am suspicious that your cape be beautiful. Be impressive.
> Or a mixture of both so that you mean
> I suspect that your cape is beautiful. It should be impressive.
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> >Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 11:01 PM
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> >Subject: Re: ngupmey Ha'qujmey je
> >
> >'IHqu' nguplIj 'e' vIpIH. Doj.
> >
> >charghwI'
> >
> >> From: "Alan Anderson" <>
> >> > ja' SuStel:
> >> > >Heh.  "college"Daq jIHaDtaHvIS, bIrtaHvIS muD, 'ej HurDaq
> jIyIttaHvIS,
> >> ngup
> >> > >vItuQtaH.
> >> >
> >> > toH, mongDech jen ghaj'a' nguplIj?  qIj'a'?  Doq'a' qoDDaj?
> >> > 'Iw tlhutlhwI'Hey rurbogh SuStel legh yabwIj mIn.
> >>
> >> ghobe'.  "be royal purple" ngup.  "corduroy" 'oH.  "hood" tIn ghaj.
> 'Iw
> >> tlhutlhwI' ngup rurbe'bej.
> >>
> >> SuStel
> >> Stardate 2403.0
> >>
> >

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