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Re: [KLBC] SISpu'

> This thread has gotten confusing enough that I feel compelled to make one thing 
> very clear for all beginners:
> Locatives are not subjects or objects. They are locatives. When you put {-Daq} 
> on a noun, it has to go somewhere before the place the direct object would go 
> in the sentence. It's that simple.

(much deleted)

Will, will you stop confusing my beginners!  Sheesh!  I was just making
a point about sentence order, and you turn it into a profound discussion
of deep meaning of type 5 noun suffixes!  All I was trying to point out
was that he had put the locative in the subject position!  He hadn't
misunderstood locatives, he misunderstood sentence order!  Leave the
BG-ing to the BG please!!!!

> You can translate {HoDpu''e' pup Qanqor} several ways:

No you can't, it's a nonsense sentence!  Or, to be more accurate, it's
a controversial sentences with is ENTIRELY INAPPROPRIATE for beginners!
I've never seen -'e' used that way in my life, and I would assert
that there is no sensible translation of that sentence.  I would certainly
agree that we could have a *very* interesting discussion about it,
among old hands.  In fact, I'm sure we will.  But my point is, that
this does NOT clarify anything for a beginner, which was your original
intention stated at the top of the post!

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