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Re: "Floreat Majestas"

> > That is interesting.  It seems to me that something with -jaj would
> > be more appropriate than an actual imperative.  The English is in
> > appearance a pair of imperatives, but it is also shorthand for the
> > longer form "May you live long and prosper", which I believe has
> > been heard occasionally in that form in Trek canon.
> But would a Vulcan say it as a "May you xxxx" I would of thought that for
> them "May" is a wish... a desire.. They are telling you to "live long and
> Prosper".. It is the logical thing to do... If not finish now.. Just my two
> cents worth..

chaq.  'ach jaS ghu' vIqel.

vulqangan'e' vIttlhegh 'oH.  lumughchu'be' tlhInganpu' net pIH.
ghaytan lumughchu'be' je tera'nganpu'; mu'na'mey "live long and prosper"
jatlhbe'ba' vulqanganpu'.  vaj qarchu'be'chugh vIttlheghvam mughmeH
mu'mey'e' lo'bogh tlhInganpu', 'Iv merchoH ghu'vam?  chaq ra'taH
vIttlhegh vulqangan Hol mung, chaq tultaH neH, 'ach HujHa'chu'
ra'taHghach lutu'taHghach (pagh lutu'Ha'taHghach) tlhInganpu'.
vulqanganpu' yajchu' tlhInganpu' net pIHbe'.


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