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Re: Temporary BG

Since beginners may be unaware of the history of this list, Qanqor is Captain 
Krankor, the original grammarian for this list. He was probably the world's 
first conversational speaker of the language and was the only grammarian on 
this list for many years. Those you may have come to know as the more 
experienced Klingon speakers were, with rare exception, inspired and taught by 
Krankor. If you have issues of HolQeD, he's the guy who wrote all 
those "Grammarian's Corner" articles at the beginning.

He and ~mark (the second grammarian on the list) came up with the idea of a 
Beginner's Grammarian as a rotating post. He's been gone for a long time now. 
It's an honor to have him back.

(reH QuvtaH Qanqor net Sov.)

Will (charghwI' je)

> naDev jIH 'ej taghwI'vaD pabpo' ru' vIgheSta'.
> For the benefit of beginners:  I am now on duty as temporary
> Beginners Grammarian.
> 	--Qanqor

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