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ja' SuStel:
>In this case, there has been no real "convention" for the translation of the
>word "server," relating to computers.

There have been several translations of the term, but none of them stands
out as appropriate.  Early on, I remember seing {HablI'} "data transceiving
device" used for many different things, from modems to computer file
servers.  The semi-obvious {toy'wI'} doesn't work for me, since it implies
a subordinate relationship to a {pIn}.  A slightly skewed {jabwI'} comes
closer, but it seems that {tebwI'} "filler" would be closer to the right

Actually, given the apparent derivation of the word, I'd guess that a
Klingon computer server would just be a {De'wI'}.  A file server would be a
{qawHaq De'wI'}, a print server would be a {ghItlhmeH De'wI'}, a database
server would be a {ta De'wI'}, etc.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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