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Re: Quote from Khamlet

ja'pu' j'Sev:
> The Star Trek Collectable Card Game just released
> a new expansion based on the Movies, and there is
> an Event Card called "To Be or Not To Be", which has
> the "taH pagh taHbe'" speech from Khamlet as part
> of the card lore.
> One more indication that the KLI has joined the
> mainstream.  majQa!

ja' juDmoS:
>Actually, maybe not... see, the "taH pagh taHbe' " quote was actually used in
>the movie... Christopher Plummer quoting Shakespeare from the original
>Klingon.. and the genesis of the Shakespeare Restoration Project, to boot...

The card text has more than just the {taH pagh taHbe'} phrase.  It
continues for the next few sentences of the KSRP's version of the
soliloquy, ending with {rInmoHDI'?}  It's definitely quoting Nick's work,
not just the movie.

The card in question is listed near the bottom of the right-hand column of
page 1.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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