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Re: Re: Translation request- KLBC

> Is {pelaD} a boo boo?  DloraH  used it in each of his 3 sentances.
> What is the translation and/or difference in {pelaD and yIlaD} ?

The prefix pe- is for when address multiple people... when there is no object.
yI- is: 
singular, no object; 
singular, single third person object; 
and plural, single third person object.

I used the wrong one.  I will take my three lashings at qep'a'... you WILL be 
there won't you?  :P

> ...Thus why I mentioned 'also' &  'as well as' for alternatives
> for 'ej or qoj (am I making sence?)

I understand.
I too felt that je wasn't really needed, just like the english wasn't clear as 
to which meaning.  But adding je would make it clear.  So it's up to you; 
without je matches the english, with je makes it clear that each site contains 
all of the qualities, not just one, or more, of the qualities.

DloraH, BG

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