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Re: Re: Translation request- KLBC

Is {pelaD} a boo boo?  DloraH  used it in each of his 3 sentances.
What is the translation and/or difference in {pelaD and yIlaD} ?

>Personally, I wouldn't use /je/ in these.  "And also" seems redundant to

I originally asked:
 -If there is a way of saying 'also' or 'as well as' ?  That would work
I believe that is more what 'and' means in the case of these English

Any Klingon way of having the words 
"fun, exciting, interesting, & educational" 
inclusive would be the feel that I believe the teacher 
is looking for. Thus why I mentioned 
'also' &  'as well as' for alternatives for 'ej or qoj
(am I making sence?)
mangHom!  SeymoHbogh De'vam'e' tIvlu'bogh  pelaD.
mangHom!  SeymoHbogh De'vam'e' 'ej/qoj Dajbogh 'ej/qoj ghojmoHbogh pelaD.

SeymoHbogh De'vam'e' 'ej Dajbogh je 'ej ghojmoHbogh je pelaD.
"Read this data which is exciting and also interesting and also

Wild sentence!  One slight correction: the last word should be /yIlaD/.

SeymoHbogh De'vam'e' 'ej Dajbogh 'ej ghojmoHbogh yIlaD.
Read this data which excites and is interesting and teaches.

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