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Re: I'm the newbie

From: <>
> Take anyone else's opinion (including mine) with a grain
> of salt. yIvoq 'ach yI'ol. ["Trust, but verify."]

toH!  Hu' puS QIn vIqontaHvIS qeSvam vInejlI'.  vISambe'.  pov.

> > jIQoch - I agree
> > jIQoch'be - I disagree
> > jiQoch'be'be could be a respond to the someone saying:"Well, I have the
> > feeling you disagree!"
> > One would respond: "No, no, I don't disagree" which is stronger that
> > just saying "I agree".
> I'll suggest that there might be a cultural issue here at play that you
may not
> be aware of. Assume for the sake of argument that I am a Klingon. You say
> me, "Well, I have the feeling you disagree."

I can see /jIQochbe'be'/ being used, with intentionally bad grammar, in
casual conversation:

tlhIngan wa': botjan yIchu'Ha'.  romuluS Duj wIQaw' rIntaH.

tlhIngan cha': jIQoch!

tlhIngan wej: jIQochbe'.

tlhIngan cha': jIQochbe'*BE'*!!!  'ej HoD jIH!  botjan yIchu'qa'!!

As such, it would be marked usage that everyone would understand.  Rather
like someone adding "NOT!" after an English sentence.

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