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[KLBC] -vaD question

I have another question.

'ej DaH jIjatlhbogh vImugh je
And this time I will also translate what I say. [into Klingon]

vaj 'utchugh QaghmeywIj Dangu'laH 'ej jIghojmeH choQaHlaH
So that, if it's necessary, you can identify my mistakes and can help me learn.

My question:

Can I say {novpu'vaD 'oH wIja'chuqbe'} for "We do not discuss it with 
outsiders!"?? (yes, it's from that DS9 ep) I'm asking because I'm not sure 
-vaD can be used that way.

reH choboQmo' qatlho'qu'taH
I am very grateful because you always help me.


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