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Re: comparing in tlhIngan Hol

From: <>
> So, please understand why I'm a little shy about pronouncing extentions to
> use of words which seem to behave a bit oddly in the canon provided to us.
> particular blunder happened while I was starting to feel a little cocky
> some of the things I'd guessed right. It was humbling.

Oh good grief.  If you think I'm "pronouncing extensions" to the language,
you haven't got it right.  I'm not.  I was stating my opinion.  I stated
that I was stating my opinion.  I'm not challenging your viewpoint or anyone
else's.  I was chiming in.  You really must stop thinking about me in these
absolute, black-and-white terms.

Personally, I tend to agree that /ret/ and /pIq/ won't typically show up on
their own, that they'll normally be at the end of a noun-noun.  But I see no
reason why they CAN'T be used on their own: it makes sense both semantically
and grammatically, and there's no rule against it.  I tend to believe that
words like these will only be used in isolation when the speaker is being
explicitly vague (an oxymoron).  I'm not pronouncing, I'm just giving my
views on the matter.  Please, pretty please, may I participate by giving my
views and not be singled out for persecution?

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