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Re: bID (was Re: yaywIj yIngaq!)

From: "Alan Anderson" <>
> As for any sort of numberlike usage of {bID}, here are no clues for us
> here.  In fact, the previous line on the Bird of Prey poster is this:
>   cha' vI' vagh choQmey lutoghlu'
> This is a perfect opportunity to ask, "How do you use {bID} as a number?"
> The answer appears to be a simple, "You don't."

Why, because Okrand hasn't?  Nonsense, you know better than that.  That
/cha' vI' vagh/ bit isn't particularly telling.  If I said in English "I eat
two point five pies," would you conclude from just this evidence that
there's no way to count with the word "half"?  Of course not.

It's not impossible that /bID/ can't be used as a counting noun, but there's
no real evidence for you to say "You don't."  I don't think a sentence like
/bID Hu' jISop/ is utterly out of the question.

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