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RE: yaywIj yIngaq!

lab Will:

:... in Conversational Klingon, we are told that a Klingon
:may be inaccurate, but he is NEVER approximate. The proverb
:says "Four thousand throats can be slit in one night by a running
:man." It doesn't say, "A whole lot of throats can be cut in one night
:by a running man." While I don't really care how many days ago you did
:this if you don't have a specific number, I'd still rather hear a
:specific number than {Hu' law'}.

pIj teH vIttlheghmey, rut wIch bIHlaw'.
pIj tlhIngan Delchu' vIttlheghvam 'ach rut qarbe'bej.
tlhIngan Holmo' vuDvam vImaq. mu'mey {'op}, {law'}, {puS}, {vay'} je ghaj. 
mojaqmey {-lu'}, {-law'}, {-Hey} ghaj je. nepbe'meH mu'meyvam mojaqmeyvam je 
lo'nIS tlhInganpu'.

: ...
:I'd still recommend that you just make up a number
:that is on the same order of magnitude as the real, though unknown,
:number and say it was that many days ago.
:If you make up another number later and they don't match and someone
:comes along and whines, "But you said it was X days ago," then the
:Klingon response is simple: Weed him out of the gene pool. And if you
:are trying to comply with local regulations about not killing people
:without having a really good reason, just ignore him like the Glob Fly
:he resembles.

"he" jIHbe'. 'ach ghIlab ghew vIrur 'e' jatlhchugh vay' vaj wa'vatlh 
joQDu'Daj vIghor 'ej porghDajvo' loS qIvonDu' vIluH 'ej vItapchu' jay'!


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