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Re: mu' ghom naQ

ja' Andrew Strader <> :
>tlhIngan Hol mu' 'ar ghovlaH vay'? mI' lugh Sov 'Iv?

cha'SaD loSvatlh javmaH chorgh mu'Hey ngaS mu'ghomwIj le'.  'op pongmey
vIboSbe': <mara>, <qorotlh>, <torgh>, latlh je.  mu'tay' tetlhDaq
tu'be'lu'chugh, vIchelbe'.

pIj wa' mu'tay' mu'qoq luchenmoH cha' mu'mey:  <ghojmeH taj>, <'orghen
rojmab>, latlh je.  wa' mu' neH vIpolchugh, ratlh cha'SaD wejvatlh
chorghmaH mu'mey.

rut nIblaw' cha' mu'mey 'ach cha'logh mu'ghomDaq nargh.  (pImba' wot DIp
je.) wa'logh Hoch mu' vItoghchugh, cha'SaD wa'vatlh SochmaH cha' vISam.

{-wI'} {-moH} je vIchovbe'.  {ghojwI'} {ghojmoH} je vIwoDpu'be'.

My personal dictionary has 2468 entries, but that doesn't have many proper
names, and it includes multiple-word phrases that aren't strictly
necessary.  If I treat it as a dictionary and not an encyclopedia, I count
about 2172 distinct words.  (Some of them are names like {Doy'yuS} and
{reghuluS} which appear in the dictionary proper of the published books,
and many are likely just verbs with suffixes, but I'm not going to deal
with them today.)

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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