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Re: Klingon WOTD: num (v)

Rob asks:
> > Klingon word:   num
> > Part of Speech: verb
> > Definition:     promote
>I assume as in "promotion to a new rank" and not PR-related?

I've always assumed so too, but on checking my notes I see that the one 
time Okrand used {num} was been in the KLI's 1999 "Friend of Maltz" 
certificate of merit:

   tlhIngan Hol Danummo' pIquvmoH.
   Because you promote the Klingon language, we honor you.

Perhaps, by an amazing coincidence, {num} covers both English meanings. 
<g>  We also have {tungHa'} "encourage" which is also good for the PR or 
advertising sense - say, to promote the eating of more gagh by the Imperial 
Gagh Growers Association ("Gagh... it's not just for breakfast anymore!").

Lawrence, did Okrand write (or approve) the text of this certificate?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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