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RE: Enough ( Hell Yeah! )

> >>>  <DaH net vIQoy vIneH, David.
> >>>  >  > Now that's what I like to hear David,
> >>
> >>DaH 'e' vIQoy vIneH  "I want to hear that now."
> >>It's not really what we want here.  To get closer we could
> >>probably use a relative clause. (-bogh)
> >
> >i don't see any relevant difference. but this could be mo' my english.
> The two problems I see here are:
> 1) You seem to be using now to emphasize your sentence.  Klingon
> doesn't do this.  You probably want {-qu'} on the verb.

I agree, and this is part of why I thought the sentence wasn't quite right.

> 2) you've got the wrong 'that'.  {'e'} and {net} are only used to
> a previous sentence, and while that could apply here if you were referring
> to SuStel's sentence, I suggest a noun with the demonstrative suffix
> {-vetlh}.

-vetlh certainly does work.  I went ahead and kept the 'e' because we do
have canon of someone using 'e' to refer to someone else's previous

> >>>  >  > You don't have to take SHIT from anybody
> I prefer this more extensive reworking of the sentence, though:
> tu'HomI'raH quvHa' Danoblu' 'e' Dachaw'nISbe' jay'.

"You don't need to allow it."
This sounds like it's not necessary to permit it, because it will come
whether you permit it or not; your permission is not needed.

Maybe change it to /laj/.
'e' DalajnISbe'  "You don't have to accept it".
(not much better)

Or use /'utbe'/ somehow.

Or turn it into a command,  /'e' yIchaw'Qo'/ or /'e' yIlajQo'/.

DloraH, BG

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