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Urgent Business

Ibrahim Bamaiyi
Plot 1577 Otunba Davies 
Victoria Island

I have the honour and confidence to introduce this business to you and  I believe that we should be able to work togther on it. 

I am Ibrahim Bamaiyi, senior son of former Army chief of Staff, LT GEN  ISHAYA BAMAYI. During the last military regime, my father deposited the sum of  NGN400Million, which is exactly US$38Million (THIRTY EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS) in Equitorial Trust Bank Plc, this money was lodged in cash and kept in a security vault. 

The Nigerian government released this money to the  chief of army staff  originally to be used for peace keeping operations in war torned Sierra Leone[ECOMOG OPERATIONS] as at November, 1998 but my father,  LT.GEN.ISHAYA BAMAIYI converted this money into his personal use and deposited it in Equitorial Trust Bank Plc. 

However, in December 1999 the new Democratic Government in Nigeria arrested my father for alleged attempted murder of the Guardian Publisher, Chief Alex Ibru and he has been in detention since that time. As a trusted son and heir, my father has mandated me to solicit for a trustworthy and reliable foreign partner who can assist us to transfer this money into his personal or company bank account for safe keeping as the present government is bent on confiscating all my father's  properties and investments. 

Arrangement have been concluded to effect this transfer and we shall do this immediately you indicate your interest to have this money transferred into in your bank account. This business risk free and success guaranteed as the Nigeria 
government does not know about this money. 

At the conclusion of this business, you will be given  twenty  percent of the total sum for your assistance, while 10% will be used to offset expenses on both your side and the family. 

Please note that this transaction is private and confidential and  therefore should not be discussed with any other person until the money is confirmed in your account. So if you are willing to transact business with us, you should send me a reply through my e-mail address or indicated fax or telephone numbers. Please note that your reply must contain your telephone and private fax numbers for easy and confidential communication. 

I believe we should be able to conclude this transaction will be  within in a few days with your maximum co-operation. To facilatate the transfer, you can also include the account details of the bank accont that you would like the money to be transferred into; remember to also add the telephone and fax number of the bank as they will be contacted by Equitorial Trust bank Plc the time the transfer would be effected.

Many thanks and kind regards.

Best regards. 
Ibrahim Bamaiyi
Tel: 234-803-3030-691	

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