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Re: Translating vs. Thinking

> > mujatlh wa' jupwI': <<tlhIngan Hol vIHaD vIneH, 'ach poH vIghajbe'.>> 

Unless you consider yourself to be a language, a speech, an address or some 
other unit of text or speech, that should be {muja' wa' jupwI'}. You could be 
claiming to use the prefix shortcut to the indirect object, but the simple 
truth is, {ja'} is what you do to a person and {jatlh} is what you do to a 
language or a unit of speech. The quotation itself is grammatically independent 
from the sentence including the verb {jatlh} or {ja'}.

> > Qu' ghaj, be'nal ghaj, cha' puq ghaj, vaj poH ghajbe'. 
> cha' Qu' vIghaj, be'nal vIghaj, puq vIghaj, 'ej ghomvamvaD pab pIn jIH.

bIDoj. jIHvaD wa' Qu' DIllu'. wa' be'nal wej puq vIghaj. rut ghom vISuch neH. 
loQ poH vIHutlh, 'ach loQ poH vIchenmoH.
> > meqvamvo' be'nal vIghajbe'. 
> -Daq and -vo' refer to the physical realm of motion.  It doesn't work with 
> all uses of "from".
Likely, you should consider {-mo'}.
> DloraH, BG


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