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RE: KLBC - a question which has puzzled me

> >This sentence contains no question words or -'a', so it is simply a
> >statement.  Add a ? doesn't turn it into a question.
> DloraH, <?> ghItlhlu'chugh, <'a'> ghItlhlu'nIS'a' ?/.

Adding a ? doesn't aways mean you need to add a -'a'.  -'a' merely turns the
sentence into a YES/NO question.

Because klingon has special question words and the yes/no suffix, the ? is
not really needed to properly understand klingon.

If I write:
 chay' Hegh.
Because chay' is a question word, you know this is a question; "How did he

Because of -'a' on the verb, you know this is a question, even tho the ? is
not there.

Hegh?  is not a question.  It is the statement "he died" followed by a
confused federation punctuation.

DloraH, BG

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