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Re: Headers. Yet again.

qon charghwI':
>ngoDvam lutlha' ngoDHom puS. mojaq poQbe' wa' "Header" DIp Segh: mojaq 
>poH ngu'bogh DIp'e'. mojaq poQbe'bogh latlh'e' wItu'be'pu'.

charghwI', ngerlIj vIghoHQo' 'ej vIghoHHa'Qo'. 'ach wa''e' qaqeS.

ngerlIj DaQIjtaHvIS, yImeqchu'. mu'mey tIwIvchu'. not "header" mu' lo' 
Okrand. TKDDaq KGTDaq je TKWDaq je CKDaq je PKDaq je Dach "header" mu'. 
ngerlIj vIqelchu'DI', tlhIngan Hol pab DaDelmeH "header" mu' DalIHta' SoH 'e' 

jIjatlhqa', DaH ngerlIj vIghoHQo', 'ach bImeqchu' vIneH. bIlughchugh vaj nger 
DatoblaH, 'a bImeqnIS. qay'law' "header" mu' wIvlIj. not mu' lo'ba' Okrand. 
DIpDaq Segh vagh mojaq chellu'DI', "header" moj DIp 'e' Damaq qar'a'?

toH. DevHa'laH mu'vetlh, DIvI' Hol yajlu'chugh je. mu'vaD "header" 
ponglu'chugh, reH "head"nIS mu' 'e' Dapon je. 'ach not "header" qon Okrand. 
Hoch paq ghItlhbogh Okrand laDlu'taHvIS not "header" leghlu'. chaq ngerlIj 
pujmoH ngoDvam 'ach potlhqu' mu' wIvmeylIj. 'ong 'a lughbe' mu'vetlh. 'oH 
Dalo'taHvIS bIponlI'chugh bIngortaH. Dalo' 'e' yImev. DaHutlhtaHvIS 
juponlaHchu'ta'chugh, maj. juponlaHchu'be'ta'chugh, maj je, 'ach 
ngugh ngerlIj yIchoH 'ej De' chu' yIghoj.


The use of the word "header" in discussions of Klingon grammar is unfounded 
because Okrand never uses it in any of his published material. Besides that, 
the word has no technical definition in linguistic or language-related 

charghwI', I am not saying you are wrong at this point. I am only pointing 
out the fallacy of asserting that a certain kind of word must "head" a 
sentence simply because you decide to call it a "header". If your theory 
still turns out to be correct, fine, but it must do so without committing to 
this fallacy.

Andrew Strader

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