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RE: KLBC - a question which has puzzled me

> How would a Klingon understand the phrase "trust me I'm a doctor"
> would he kill me or would he trust me?

I don't know why he would try to kill you.  Klingon doctors DO exist.

> chay' tlhIngan yaj,

Remember the basic word order OVS (Object-Verb-Subject).

> vIja'churgh: "chovoq(HIvoq?), Qel jIH"??

No [r] in -chugh.

/chovoq/ is a statement, "You do trust me."
/HIvoq/ is a command, "Trust me!"

> muHoH pagh muvoq?

This sentence contains no question words or -'a', so it is simply a
statement.  Add a ? doesn't turn it into a question.

DloraH, BG

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