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All right.  I'm going to say this in English so that it's very, very clear.
And I'm sending it to the list so that my position is known.  I apologize
for the off-topic post.

charghwI', you have misrepresented everything I have said, and in your very
typical fashion, you have villified me so that you look like you're right.

You want to win?  Fine.  You want to be the list bully, and everything you
say goes (not that you'd ever admit that's what you do)?  Fine.  I've had it
with you, and I refuse to fight with you further.  If you try to argue with
me about something, I will ignore you.

However, I expect you to stop talking about me in the third person.  If
you're not addressing me directly, I expect not to see my name or any
reference to me in your posts.  You may not talk about me as if I weren't
right there, reading every word.  You've done some pretty low things to
people on this list before, but this one really takes the cake.

I don't really give a damn about what you think about me, charghwI'.  But I
expect the right to participate on the list without this offensive behavior
on your part.  This list does not belong to you, nor does the language.
I'll be damned if I let you drive me away again with your incessant

So you go right ahead and play the part of the innocent, wronged angel.
I've had enough.  I just want to speak Klingon.  Stay out of my way.

Stardate 2463.9

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