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Re: qama''e'

majQa'! qama'vaD jIngotlh.

>jav: nuqDaq jIH?
>cha': vengHomDaq
>jav: nuqneH?
>cha': De'
>jav: tuqraj pong nuq?
Can't find where you got this phrase from. Is it in KGT 'cause mine hasn't arrived yet.

>cha': 'utbe' Sov.  De' wIneH.
I think the translation of this doesn't really express the force of the English. I think *De''e' 
wIneH* would be more expressive (but possibly OTT, but not as bad as De' wIneH! De'! 
De'!). And as for *'utbe' Sov*, I don't think that's what he really means, but can't come up 
with anything better for the English "that would be telling". Anyone else?

>jav: DaSuqbe'
>cha': qeylIS molor ghap wIDa.  wISuq.
>jav: SoH 'Iv?
>cha': mI' cha' jIH.  jIchu'.
>jav: mI' wa' 'Iv?
>cha': mI' jav SoH.
>jav: mI' jIHbe'. loD jIH. jItlhab.
If permissible, *mI jiHbe', loD tlhab jiH.* would be closer to the spirit and the wording of the 
original, I feel.

>cha': Ha Ha Ha

>Some have speculated that "jav" as a slang term for prisoner is MO's 
>reference to this show.
That seems very lkely. Erm, to explain to non-fans, every character in The Prisoner had a 
number. The main character (the hero) was number six (you never find out his real name) 
and he was manipulated by a series of numbers two.
Remember that this 'dialogue' was in fact a composite, mostly taken from one particular 
scene in the first episode.
If you (Tim or anyone really) have any plans to translate The Prisoner into tlhIngan Hol, 
count me in. I might not be 
much help (being only a beginner) but I am eager, as it would provide me the opportunity 
to get stuck into something. 
Only, I can't do much until next month, after my A-levels.

Sulu' wa'
'u'wIj vuSmey Del HolwIj vuSmey
 - Ludwig Wittgenstein (almost)

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