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Re: Wooden Meadow (was RE: Name Translation)

My problem with "wooded meadow" is that for me, a meadow was always a place 
that didn't have trees. I lived on a 500 acre community with hay fields, 
forested hills and one meadow. It was called a meadow because it was to a 
forest what a peninsula is to a body of water. It's the place WITHOUT trees.

To have a wooded meadow is like having a dry ocean or an urban jungle or a one-
story skyscraper...

Maybe it could have {Sormey} scattered all about...


> From: "qurgh lungqIj" <>
> > Hmm, I read this and thought I would give it a go, and then I started to
> > examine the phrase "wooden meadow"...
> >
> > Now a meadow is a field, but to me is brings to mind a small quiet
> > pretty field, with small animals and a light breeze. This is much more
> > than just a field.
> >
> > Then when I move onto the full "wooden meadow" my mind goes wonky. This
> > brings to mind a small quiet pretty field... made of wood.
> "wooded meadow" chaq jatlh Lieven 'e' Hech.
> meadow:
> 1.  grassy field:  a grassy field used for producing hay or for grazing
> domestic livestock
> 2.  grassy area:  an area of low-lying grassland, especially a marshy one
> near a river
> (
> chaq loQ vImughlaH: Sormey ghajbogh yotlh 'eS?
> > So I would translate the concept with something along the lines of:
> > I wanted to use something like "made of" but I couldn't fine a word that
> > worked.
> You can use a genitive phrase for this.  For instance, from KGT:
> baS 'In  "metal percussion instrument, bell"
> DIr 'In  "skin percussion instrument, drum"
> So a "wooden sword," for instance, would be /Sor Hap 'etlh/.
> SuStel
> Stardate 2458.5

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