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Re: How to translate "I don't know whether <something> or not"

At 17:41 17-6-02 +0000, you wrote:

>The weirdest and probably most correct way to say this according to exactly
>one example from Okrand is:
>DaHjaj majatlhlaH 'e' vISIv.

Hm, {SIv}, I wasn't aware of that one. Damn, it's really time I compiled my 
own wordlist, so I'll know what words are out there. :-)

>Much is accomplished in Klingon with pairings of short, associated sentences.
>It's very characteristic of the common style of speech in the language.

Indeed... when I just started learning this language I always wanted to 
translate one English sentence with one long Klingon sentence, but I 
quickly learned that recasting into multiple sentences is really much 
better. :-)

Well, thanks for your assistance, anyways!


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