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Re: Translating vs. Thinking

jatlhchu' Qov! jIQochbe'.

Am 15.06.2002 19:46:58, schrieb "Sangqar (Sean Healy)" <>:

>So my advice is: Speak.  Try your hardest.  If you make a mistake, someone 
>will correct it.  That's why we have a BG.

You say speak, but mean write :-)

But the advice is good! Really try to speak! To whom? Well I guess, just like me, you have nobody to speak to in Klingon. So... speak to 
yourself! :-)
Yes, that sounds weird. But I've doing this for a long time, and it helped me to learn to speak and think in klingon!
When I'm walking to school, or wherever, I look around and think about what I see. And then I try to describe it in Klingon. Just basic easy 
things like "that guy is stupid" (QIp loDvetlh), or "I see many trees" (Sormey law' vIlegh), or maybe just read the licence plates of the cars to 
practice numbers.

It really helps.


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