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RE: stuff

ghunchu'wI' (??):
> One dust-speck-sized vocabulary nit:  given the existence of the phrase
> {HoS lIngwI'} for "generator", I'd have used {pIvchem lIngwI'} instead of
> {pIvchem chenmoHwI'}.  More canonically, the Bird of Prey poster has a
> label for {pIvghor lIngwI'} "Warp Generator", though it's referring to a
> warp drive rather than just any old warp field.

HoD Qanqor:
> I could go either way on this one.  On the pro side, there is something
> to be said for being consistent with HoS lIngwI' and pIvghor lIngwI'.
> On the other hand, at least in my own mind, "energy" and "warp drive"
> are things that just need to be produced, where as a warp field, being
> a field (I'm thinking of it being somewhat akin to a magnetic field),
> really does need to be whipped up out of thin air, as it were, and I
> think chenmoH captures that better.

latlh wot vIchup jIH: <tlhuD>.


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