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Re: pab chut (was Re: matlhHa'ghach)

>: maj. bIDo'ba'. reH SuDo'taHjaj.
>: [I know it breaks a rule, but it's what I mean to say
>: and to follow the rule disallows what I mean to say.]

>pab chut DabIvta'bogh yIngu'.

TKD (p.175f) on {-jaj} "may, can, let":

"This suffix is used to express a desire or wish on the part of the speaker 
that something take place in the future. When it is used, there is never a 
Type 7 aspect suffix. {-jaj} is often translated with 'may' or 'let', and 
it is particularly useful when placing a curse or making a toast."

Okrand has broken this rule twice himself in KGT (p.25-26.), discussing - 
ironically - the proper use of {-jaj} in making toasts:

   wo' DevtaHjaj ghawran
   May Gowron continue to lead the empire. (standard)

   wo' ghawran DevtaHjaj
   May Gowron continue to lead the Empire! (toast)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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