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Re: KLBC: Phrase

> wa'DIch manID, gnugh mavoq.
> "First we try, then we trust."

some people agree with this use of ordinal numbers; some feel it should be 
attached to a noun.  In KGT p177 Okrand uses /mIw wa'DIch/ "the first step" 
instead of just /wa'DIch/,
 'oy'naQ DaQeqDI' mIw wa'DIch Data', 'ach
 'oy'naQ Dachu'DI' mIw paghDIch Data'.
 ("When you aim the painstik, you accomplish
 the first step, but when you turn the painstik
 on, you accomplish the zeroth step"; 

manIDDI' mIw wa'DIch wIta', ngugh mavoq.

But because of ngugh, do we need to explain that nID is first?
manID, ngugh mavoq.

DloraH, BG

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