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Re: tlhIngan Hol in Farscape

Am 10.06.2002 18:26:04, schrieb "Carleton Copeland" <>:

> ghogh ta vI'Ijta' jIH je. tlhIngan mu'meyHey jatlhpu'DI' DawI' mughlaw'.
> ja': "Time for you guys to clear out!" vaj 
> "Nom! pa'vo'! peruch!" 'e' vIchup. 
Why split it up? It could just be *nom pa'vo' peruch*
Perhabs the guy who had to make the phrase found the word "proceed" as {ruch}, and thought it means "proceed to 
a place" instad of what it really means.

On the other hand, it could be anything maybe completely mispronounced?
We know that actors often read klingon as if it were english
Neelix was once singing a song
{'ej HumtaH 'ej DechtaH 'Iw}
he said:
*ey im-ta vey de-ya yu*

> Hol poD 'oHlaw'. DoS rap qIp vay''a'?
Yes, but I'm not sure about tha last sound. Is it a {ch} or is it just a backround noise?
Actually, I would be very surprised if the klingon would make any sense.

Maybe we'll find out...


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