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RE: cha'DIch KLBC rI' BG

>Just want to see if I interpreted this right.
>-- choQaHpu' 'e' DanIDba'.  tlhoy jIDoy'ba'pu' 'ej pe'vIl jIjangpu'.
>-- I replied forcefully and obviously I was overly tired.
>-- You obviously attempt to try that you helped me
>I think I'm close but I'm lost at the end, or the beginning, depending
>on your point of view :-)

The intended meaning is best expressed in English by:
You were obviously trying to help me.  I was overtired and I overreacted 
(literally, answered forcefully).  Since you got my intended meaning, from 
my point of view you got it right.  (Of course, from someone else's point of 
view, we may have simply both gotten the same things wrong.)

DloraH, I hope I'm not stepping on your toes here.  I left his parsing of my 
sentence for you as BG to deal with, and was attempting to answer the 
content question ("Did I understand this correctly?").

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