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Re: Vaj'Hom

ja' Ciege Engine <>:
>A friend of mine, who has chosen Vaj'Hom as his
>persona name in a Star Trek community service club,
>insists this name means Little Warrior. I insist it
>means trainee or evenwannabe warrior because 'Hom is
>the dimunitive (turns "river" into "brook" and "Wind"
>into "breeze" right?)
>Who is correct?

Disregarding spelling, you both are.  You have pretty much the right idea
about the meaning of the suffix {-Hom} (note that it doesn't have a {'} at
the beginning).  However, he trumps you in this case because it's his name,
and it can mean whatever he wants it to. :-)

[Actually, I'd probably use {-qoq} for the "wannabe" idea.]

-- ghunchu'wI'

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