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Re: mobwI' (was Re: tlhIngan Hol in Farscape)

got i want to learn it as ab lauguge. I have and qustion how do i get that e-mail adress 
  Alan Anderson <> wrote: ja' Elizabeth chin :
> OK mmmm U see I not a big fan i Just want to be ungiuce at my school so
>no one would what i talking about I go on e-bay and look up Klingon
>laugage books.

bIjum. nIteb Hol Dalo'laHbe'. maQummeH Hol Dalo'qangDI' qabuSchoH.
bIwuqtaHvIS, SoHHvaD ghojmeH paq ngevlaHbej tlhIngan Hol yejHaD'e'.

...mughwI' yIchu'...engaging universal translator...

Let me know when you decide you want to learn Klingon as a language instead
of an excuse to be "special", and I'll be happy to help. In the meantime,
you'll have an easier task finding Klingon language books through or the Merchant page on the KLI's web site

-- ghunchu'wI'

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