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Re: vajHom

its not so  much an argument as a debate, but I thank
you :) and he is semifluent in klingon as it is :)


--- Qov <> wrote:
> I'm not going to answer the whole question, because
> there are aspects of it 
> that I should leave to the BG.  I'm just going to
> throw in my interpretation.
> The best translation I can think of for vajHom would
> be "squire" -- in its 
> historical meaning of assistant and apprentice to a
> knight.  It could refer 
> to anyone who was like a warrior, but it some way
> less important, or less 
> significant.  The mini-me version of a warrior, if
> you've seen Austin Powers.
> The old postal course (from about 1996) had some
> errors in this, 
> translating ghopHomDu' as "little hands" when cillia
> or stumps or feelers 
> might be more appropriate.
> But I wouldn't argue too much with your friend if he
> wants to use that as a 
> name.    Names are names, and it's best to smile and
> nod.  It's easier to 
> get someone to learn Klingon if you don't start by
> telling them they're wrong.

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